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Hanalei Surf

The JL Hanalei Model Stand Up Paddleboard is born to be in the waves. Pin tail design and NEW fiberglass side biters allow for nimble carving. Once on the wave, it feels like a much smaller board. Also performs well in flat water cruising. Comes with Center Fin and Twin Fiberglass Side Biters, Integrated pad and handle for sizes 10'+.

Hanalei Surf Board Sizes

9'8 x 27 x 4
10'0 x 28 x 4
10'4 x 28.1/2 x 4 ΒΌ
10'8 x 29 x 4 3/8

Riders Testimony

I started the the first standup paddleboard store in NZ (SurfSup Paddleboards Whangamata) and having been able to surf and paddle all different types of boards I find the Jimmy Lewis 10'4" Hanalei to be a bit of a favourite for me. Ive surfed for over 40 years, and started paddleboarding over a year ago.This board just blows me away how it jams off the bottom, heaps of squirt so an easy transition into the "cutty", pretty bloody manouverable I rekon for a board of this length, sweet tail flick, a little "V" and sharp rails (reminds me of an old girlfriend) its got it go'n on. I usually have the fin in the center position, and if its getting a bit on the bigger side of things just slip it back a bit "simple". Paddling distance is easy, nice if you need to get to that "secret spot" or just flat water paddle while waiting for the waves to come up. The construction is "wicked" I've had mine over a year now , no dings, no sinking in the deck nothing , impressive to say the least, and the tail pad is an added bonus keeps your foot on the sweet spot . To sum it up this board is the ultimate all-rounder, designed to keep the "smile on the dial" for the many years of its life. When people buy one of these boards from my store i know its "all good" and they're gonna be "SUPA STOKED!!!!!! - Pete Murray