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Kanaha Paddle

Peahi Paddle


Jimmy Lewis SUP 3 Piece Fiberglass Paddle. The Peahi is longer and slimmer than the Kanaha blade. Popular with racers and wave riders. Wrist-Strong technology: Unique fiberglass shaft and blade add just the right amount of flex to increase comfort, reduce fatigue, and offer a lively, propelling snap at the end of each stroke. Jimmy doesn't believe in Carbon. It's too rigid and has no life. And contrary to popular belief, carbon fiber DOES break.

Deck PadPaddles

Jimmy Lewis SUP Deck Pad fits all JL Paddleboards except the Distance Model. Also fits many other brands. Note the unique, raised, contoured section under the main stance area. Gives added comfort and ease of footing without looking down. Also makes the board feel wider as your feet can rest near the edge of the rail.